SAC Teeth Guards are designed for patient safety and versatility!
They are constructed of atraumatic, pliable, non-toxic, latex free, vinyl plastic.
SAC Teeth Guards can be used on either upper or lower teeth, or as pairs.

SAC Teeth Guards are designed to:

  • Comfortably accommodate shape and size of variations in both adult and adolescent teeth!
  • Provide minimum bulk to allow maximum laryngoscope working space!
  • Avoid soft tissue trauma of intraoral structures, such as the frenulum.
  • Maintain position independently and coapt snugly against the teeth with laryngoscope pressure.
  • Provide an air passage between opposing guards when teeth are clenched.
  • Prevent intermeshing of opposing guards.
  • Provide economical single use protection.
  • Eliminate latex sensitivity concerns due to latex free construction.
    SAC Teeth Guards are not to be used over sores or soft tissue inflammation.

Sterilization Methods: Ethylene Oxide Gas or Cold Chemical Solution.

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